Got a bridge project requiring specialized access equipment? Renting an under bridge truck is likely high on your list. But finding one at your local hardware store is improbable. So, where do you turn?


Under Bridge Platforms – The Right Place for Truck and Trailer Mounted UBITs


Unless you’re working in an area you’re unfamiliar with or have never rented an under bridge inspection unit (UBIT) before, you’re quite unlikely to Google, “under bridge truck rental near me.” or “Where can I rent a bucket truck near me?”


On the other hand, if you’re reading this article, then you may well have. And that’s good news for you since Under Bridge Platforms is one of the leading under bridge access equipment suppliers in the Western United States.


We rent specialized equipment that allows inspectors and technicians to gain safe and reliable access to all parts of any highway bridge. When you rent from us you will discover that our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality under bridge equipment selection in the industry so you can complete your job safely.

Bridge Master in in use by workmen

Under Bridge Platforms Specializes in Under Bridge Access Vehicle Rental


The specific equipment you need depends on the bridge’s location and height. If the bridge spans solid ground and the under bridge work area is less than 60 feet above it, a bucket lift truck with an articulated or telescoping boom might be a cost-effective choice.


For higher bridges, over water or busy roadways, ground-based equipment usually won’t work. That’s when truck- or trailer-mounted under bridge platforms come in handy, placing workers over railings and underneath the bridge deck.


At Under Bridge Platforms. we have Anderson Hydra Platforms models that can provide under bridge horizontal reach from 32 feet up to 66 feet depending on the model.


Other available equipment includes a smaller, Aspen Aerials A-30 bridge inspection unit (UBIU) that can place a 3 foot by 5-foot aluminum inspection platform for three workers directly underneath a bridge deck. In addition, this unit can also support 3.5 foot by 17-foot interchangeable maintenance platform that can be attached to the end of the second boom.


On the other end of the spectrum of our broad selection of UBIUs, the HPT66 truck-mounted platform is a fully equipped under bridge access and work platform with the capacity to place a three-man bucket up to 66 feet underneath a bridge deck.


The HPT66 features a patented Tower Separation System (TSS), featuring hydraulically adjustable cross linking arms between the main outside vertical tower and the turntable sub-frame, mounted on the truck.


This system allows operators to erect and extend the tower and the platform to provide easy access over sidewalks, railings and other barriers without restricting your under bridge operations.


For Projects Small and Large, We Offer a Variety of Under Bridge Platform Options


Under Bridge Platforms is the premier under bridge access equipment source in the Western U.S. We’re more than just a rental company. We provide the experience, skill, and expertise to save you time, money, and ensure project success.


With locations in Northern California and Oklahoma, our committed team has been the benchmark for under bridge inspection and access since 1993. We support contractors, engineering firms, and local government agencies by providing vital bridge access equipment for inspection, repair, and maintenance.


Why Contractors Love Under Bridge Platforms


We specialize in under bridge access equipment rental with bare rentals for various models. We understand the crucial role of skilled operators and offer highly trained and insured equipment rental professionals.


When it comes to under bridge access equipment rental, choosing a truck-mounted platform is often the best option. And renting from Under Bridge Platforms is your best choice for several reasons:


  • High-quality customer service: We offer expert advice throughout your rental agreement.
  • Diverse equipment selection: We have one of the largest inventories in the region to fit your project needs.
  • Project efficiency: We assist with various requests and requirements to improve your project’s efficiency.


We provide equipment for various bridge and highway construction projects, including:


  • Highway signing installation
  • Traffic control management
  • Bridge maintenance and washing
  • Bridge rehabilitation
  • Under bridge utilities


Under Bridge Platforms for Knowledgeable and Reliable Under Bridge Truck Rental


The professionals at Under Bridge Platforms are proud to serve the highway bridge industry by providing the best selection of high-quality under bridge access equipment. We serve California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and beyond.


Our expanding inventory includes the rugged HPT 38 Truck Mounted Platform and the versatile Aspen UB60 Bridge Inspection Unit. As a premier under bridge platform equipment rental provider, we’re committed to your success. We guide you through the entire process of choosing and renting the right equipment, no matter the project size or type.


As one of the nation’s premier under bridge platform equipment rental providers, we work hard to ensure that you can rely on us. And that includes knowing we can guide you through the entire process of buying or renting the right under bridge inspection vehicle and equipment.

No matter the size or type of project, the professionals at Under Bridge Platforms are here to help you make the proper selection.


We take pride in being California’s only company offering total under bridge access and building long-lasting relationships with our customers through quality service. Contact us today for all your under bridge platform needs!