Under-bridge construction maintenance and renovation has long been a challenging task especially when it comes to inspection. Both the initial and the final inspection of the project has posed significant problems but not any longer. Not with the latest in under bridge inspection equipment. The Hydra-manufactured Under Bridge platforms we employ are your go-to solution for all your under bridge challenges.

The Hydra Platforms

Our equipment is fitted on a mobile trailer for easy transportation to the work platform and under the bridge which increases its functionality.


Separation System

A separation system is made up of hydraulic cross-linking arms which are easily adjustable. The cross-linking arms are in between the turntable subframe and the main outside vertical tower. The turntable subframe is mounted directly on the trailer.

The operators erect the platform to allow its movement to the outside tower towards the inside of the bridge fascia. Also, the platform can stretch or extend outwards over obstacles without having to reposition or move the trailer or truck on the deck of the bridge.Also, the platform can stretch or extend outwards over obstacles without having to reposition or move the trailer or truck on the deck of the bridge.


The ability of the Hydra –manufactured platforms to extend, allows you to erect the machine and the tower over the pedestrian sidewalks or other hurdles and barriers without interfering with the operations which may be on-going under the bridge. The failure to restrict the under bridge operations is made possible by the opening up of the patented Tower separation systems.

The Platform and tower remain horizontal to the crossover access during your operation of the Tower Separation system. The horizontal positioning helps you with the maintenance and enhancement of safe personnel entrance to the Tower and Platform.

The operation of the patented Tower separation system does not, however, affect the positioning of the platform while under the bridge. Likewise, the depth of the Platform under the bridge remains free of influence by the operation of the separation system.

If you are operating on the bridge Fascia, your working remains undisturbed in the face of barriers and obstacles. You can, therefore, proceed with the operations even when there are attached cables, and pipes that are obstructing you from the bridge Fascia. How does the flow of operation remain efficient? It’s efficient because the Tower Separation System run either in or out to help you clear those obstructions.


More Advantages

The trailer-mounted mounted separation system platform uses a silenced diesel generator together with a hydraulic pump. Using both the silenced generator and the hydraulic pump helps you save on fuel consumption while reducing environmental pollution by 50%. The west Coast under Bridge platform is therefore reliable, effective and efficient for all under bridge constructions ranging from repair, maintenance, and inspection of completed projects.

Additionally, our equipment’s system has unmatched performance safety design. The design is such that, it offers maximum stability and top-notch safety with its standard Dual Side hydraulic outrigger stabilizers. As part of our mission, quality and safety come first. And the maximum stability provides your personnel and yourself just that.


Our Hydra-manufactured platform HPT43, come fitted with 1800 platform rotation. With the rotation, you can cover a total area exceeding 1000 square feet under the bridge when stationed on the bridge deck.

The Hydra machine’s versatility increases with the hydra static drive since it allows for bridge deck propulsion while you use the platform.

Also, the machine is well capable of reversible deployment as is the norm with high-quality, high-powered platforms. The Tower Separation Systems which are made up of hydraulic adjustable cross-linking arms fixed between turntable sub-frame and vertical towers enables you to erect the platform far and wide. You can stretch the tower and platform beyond barriers and sidewalks while the under bridge operations continue.

General Uses of Our Under Bridge Platform Equipment

Some of the general uses for which you can hire Under Bridge Platform services include;


    Sandblasting and Painting
    Installation and maintenance of under-bridge cables and pipes
    Bearings’’ replacement and maintenance
    Under-bridge repairs
    Stripping operations
    General maintenance