Great equipment delivers on the job while at the same time upholding safety standards. Safety and stability should, therefore, be core values of any construction company. Since security is both a legal and moral obligation, it is necessary that all parties commit to ensuring the set standards.

At Under Bridge Platforms, safety and stability are the first a priority of machine design. Our primary objective is, therefore, to provide you with a safe, well-built, reliable and effective equipment. The equipment will not only speed up the rate of project completion but also help you save money.

The Hydra Platforms


The Under Bridge Platforms fleet is comprised of the best equipment in the industry. Unlike any other platforms, these specific ones have extended platforms and cover a large area under the bridge. The level of precision in our equipment enables them to work on sidewalks despite the presence of barriers and other obstacles. Trust our hydra platforms for all you’re your under-bridge operations.

Safety and Stability

Are you seeking the best under bridge platforms in the construction industry? The Under Bridge Platforms equipment has been tested and proven for safety. The tools are not only the best but also safest.

Safety and Stability

There are different measures put in place for safety and stability ranging from in-built safety features and work area safety. Work area safety is solely your responsibility, that of the operator and the personnel at the construction site.

Safety and Stability Tips & Features

Built In Safety Features

  • Our Hydra Platform has in-built standard Dual Side Hydraulic outrigger (two front and two rear) and hydraulic dual side track drive and stabilizers which offers unmatched stability and increased safety. Additionally, the two features support smooth propulsion over soft asphalt surfaces and irregular bridge decks.
  • Bottom-limit switches: When the switch is on, you can only drive the platform upwards but never down. If the platform hits a barrier as you drive downwards, the limit switch helps cut the down control circuit reverting any potential danger.
  • Stop-limit switches: They help you prevent improper platform extensions.
  • Red Emergency stop buttons: in case of an emergency, turn off electric power in the cradle by pushing the red emergency stop button to the off position.
  • The use of a silent generator reduces environmental pollution. Reduced pollution rates keep you and the living things safe.
  • The ability of the tower and the platform to remain horizontal to the crossover access during the operation of the TSS enhances safe entrance and exit of personnel into the platform and tower, preventing accidents.

Before delivering the platforms to you, they are inspected to ensure they operate at maximum capacity. Stabilize your insurance cost by hiring the safe, excellent, services of under bridge specialists, call 866-984-9526 for best deals.

General Safety and Stability Tips

  • The load should not exceed the platform’s set maximum
  • Fully inflate the tires
  • Only operate the equipment if you are skilled
  • Enter or exit the platform when it’s stationary
  • Avoid the moving parts of the platform
  • Do not use the machine like a crane
  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by operating the device in well-ventilated spaces
  • Do not run the platform if it is damaged