For outsiders to the industry, bridge riggers can be a few things. Technically speaking, rigging is a noun. It refers to the equipment involved for lifting and moving large or heavy objects. And it is also a verb that is used to describe the actual work of designing and installing the equipment used for this type of work.

For those of you who work on bridges, however, riggers can also be both the people who work on the bridges and the vehicles used to help make that happen. 

Vehicles for Bridge Inspection, Repair, and Under Bridge Access

Depending on the job and your needs, there are several different vehicles available for bridge work. While actual rigging for construction or major repairs may not be all that common for most contractors, inspections, cleaning, and routine repairs and upgrades are.

Snoopers and under-bridge cranes come in a variety of designs and capabilities. Here are a few of the more common ones.

Aspen A40 Bridge Inspection Unit 

The Aspen A40 is a bridge inspection unit that can be fitted with either a 32’ platform attachment or a three-man bucket attachment.

Bridge workers know that bridge inspection and bridge maintenance require different tools for different tasks. Our Aspen A-40 bridge inspection unit can be set up with a three-person, 600 lb. capacity inspection platform as well as a 1,500 lb. capacity maintenance walkway.

This means you can choose the one configuration that works best for the project at hand, or even use both for the same job since changing out the platform takes less than two hours. This means great versatility and capacity.

Stability is just as critical for bridge riggers as capacity and reach. The Aspen A-40 has stabilizing systems which allow the truck to be moved even while the platform is deployed. And outriggers are not required.

With three articulating booms and two turntables the Aspen A-40 can operate round and over all types of obstructions. The Aspen A-40 can be used in tight spaces, while still reaching across wide sidewalks and over high fences to gain access to under bridge areas.

Hydra Platform Truck Mounted HPT 43

Among the truck-mounted platforms available, the HPT43 is a versatile workhorse. The Hydra Platform truck mounted model HPT 13/43 is a well-equipped under-bridge access and work platform, mounted on a diesel-powered truck.

It and can be supplied with an optional silenced 20/30 KW diesel generator set for 110/220-volt outlets, which are suitable for power tools and lighting on job sites.

Engineered for larger projects, it boasts a maximum drop depth of over 20 feet and comes with a platform extension of 43 feet. This means that, with the HPT43, you can have access to over 1,700 square feet of under-bridge area with one placement.

Operational features include four inboard hydraulic stabilizers, control panels on the platform and deck, and a solid voice communication system between the platform and deck. The unit is self-propelled by hydrostatic drive and it comes with a Track Drive System for special applications.

Stability in ensured with a total weight of 45,000 lbs. The HPT43 is powered by a cost-efficient 30kW silenced diesel generator with hydraulic pump, with PTO backup from the truck engine.

The patented Tower Separation System (TSS), means easy access over sidewalks, railings and similar obstacles. In addition, access between the platform and deck is easy regardless of the platform height or extension length thanks to the horizontal-always crossover platform.

Hydra Platform HPT 32

A smaller, towable version is the Hydra Platforms trailer-mounted model HP 35 is a comprehensively equipped under-bridge access and work platform, mounted on a mobile trailer for versatility.

The HPT 32 features a patented Tower Separation System, This system provides hydraulically adjustable cross-linking arms between the main outside vertical tower and the turntable sub-frame, all of which are mounted on the trailer. Operators are then able to erect and extend the tower and platform over sidewalks, railings and other barriers without limiting the under-bridge operations.

The trailer-mounted Hydra Platform comes with standard Dual Side Hydraulic Outrigger Stabilizers to provide maximum stability and increased safety.

Your Resource for Bridge Riggers and Under-Bridge Equipment

Having a professional resource to guide your through the process of finding the right vehicle and equipment for your project is key to making the proper choice.

We provide quality under bridge equipment throughout all the Western States, including California, Washington, and Oregon. Our inventory of snooper trucks, under bridge access platforms, and state-of-the-art self-drive access platforms. 

We are proud to be the only company in California to offer total under bridge access. By offering high quality customer service, we have managed to build long-lasting relationships with our esteemed customers. And we intend to keep it that way. 

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