Highway bridge inspections make up a significant portion of the bridge work carried out in the United States each day. With over 600,000 highway bridges in use and routine inspections required every two years, it stands to reason that not a day goes without an inspection taking place somewhere in the nation.

And almost every bridge inspection requires the use of under-bridge platform equipment.

According to most industry experts, some of the other most common highway bridge tasks that require the use of under-bridge access equipment include washing and cleaning bridge decking, lubricating bridge bearings, sealing and waterproofing concrete bridge decking, repairing and replacing components prone to metal fatigue and fracturing, treating exposed sections to prevent permanent damage to them and the areas they are connected to.

Snooper trucks, or as they are more properly known, under-bridge platforms, are also used extensively by bridge cleaning crews, maintenance workers, bridge painters, and electrical workers, i.e. a wide variety of under Bridge tasks.

In other words, bridge maintenance and repair work makes up a large part of the activities carried out on and under bridges. And the nature of bridges presents obstacles to be overcome.

Gaining Sufficient Access for Bridge Repair Projects

Bridge repair projects often present significant challenges due to the difficult-to-reach areas and limited access points. However, with the advent of under-bridge access equipment, these obstacles can be effectively overcome.

Here is a brief overview of the different ways that under-bridge access equipment enhances bridge repair projects by providing improved access, efficiency, and safety.

Improves Access to Challenging Areas

  • Under-bridge access equipment, such as specialized platforms and aerial work platforms, allows workers to access difficult-to-reach areas of a bridge, such as the undersides and hard-to-access sections.
  • The equipment is designed to provide safe and stable platforms that can be adjusted to fit the specific dimensions and contours of the bridge structure.
  • It enables workers to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible or require more complex and time-consuming methods.

Enhances Efficiency in Bridge Inspections

  • Under-bridge access equipment streamlines the process of bridge inspections by providing quick and efficient access to different sections of the structure.
  • Workers can easily maneuver the equipment to reach inspection points, eliminating the need for scaffolding or other cumbersome setups.
  • The ability to access multiple areas without repeatedly setting up and dismantling equipment saves time and increases overall inspection efficiency.

Facilitates Bridge Repairs and Maintenance

  • Safety is a top priority in any bridge repair project, and under-bridge access equipment enhances worker safety in several ways.
  • The equipment is equipped with safety features such as guardrails, harness attachment points, and emergency stop buttons, providing a secure working environment.
  • Workers can work at height with the assurance of fall protection systems, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Minimizes Traffic Disruption

  • Bridge repair projects often involve working in close proximity to traffic, leading to potential disruptions and safety hazards.
  • Under-bridge access equipment allows repairs to be carried out without the need for extensive road closures or traffic diversions.
  • By minimizing traffic disruption, the equipment helps to reduce inconvenience for motorists and ensures smooth project execution.


  • Under-bridge access equipment offers a cost-effective solution for bridge repair projects.
  • Renting the equipment for the duration of the project eliminates the need for large capital investments in specialized equipment.
  • It allows for efficient resource allocation, as the equipment can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Environmental Considerations

  • Under-bridge access equipment reduces the environmental impact of bridge repair projects.
  • With the use of efficient equipment, there is a reduction in the need for excessive scaffolding, which generates waste and requires additional resources.
  • The equipment’s mobility and adaptability minimize disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Under-bridge access equipment has revolutionized the way bridge repair projects are executed. By providing improved access, enhanced efficiency, and increased safety, this equipment enables contractors to overcome the obstacles associated with challenging bridge repair environments.

Whether it is inspecting, repairing, or maintaining bridges, under-bridge access equipment is an invaluable tool that enhances project outcomes while ensuring the safety of workers and minimizing disruptions to traffic and the environment.

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