Bridge inspections matter.


As everyone in the industry understands, highway construction, including highway bridges, is an essential part of our nation’s infrastructure. Revitalizing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining this lifeline network is necessary to keep the essential flow of transporting America’s goods moving.


Another fact that those in the industry are painfully aware of is the ailing condition of our nation’s highway bridges. And these are just one aspect of the overall condition of our roadways, railways, and general transportation network.


When it comes to the current condition of highway bridges in the United States, it is estimated that, of the more than 600,000 highway bridges in the country, over 220,000 of them are in need of repair, this according to analysis of federal infrastructure data.


It has also been reported that of the more than one third of our highway bridges, 45,000 are deemed “structurally Deficient” and in “Poor Condition.” Then there are an additional 295,000 bridges – almost 48 percent of the total number of bridges in the US – that have only been rated as being in “Fair Condition.”


Of course, this state of affairs is not due to a lack of willingness or personnel. Or equipment. It is largely a lack of available funding for several decades. 


However, this is about to change.


A New Infusion of Funding Means More Work – And More Bridge Inspections and Repairs


Recently, on November 5, 2021, the United States Congress approved a key part of President Biden’s economic agenda, passing a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package.


The bill, known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will provide massive funding for America’s roads, railroads, and bridges.


As the website at Investopedia notes,


“The $1.2 trillion figure comes from including additional funding normally allocated each year for highways and other infrastructure projects. The new spending includes:

  • $110 billion for roads and bridges. In addition to construction and repair, the funding also helps pay for transportation research at universities, funding for Puerto Rico’s highways, and “congestion relief” in American cities.

  • $66 billion for railroads. Funding includes upgrades and maintenance of America’s passenger rail system and freight rail safety, but nothing for high-speed rail.”


What this will look like down the road is an increased amount of highway and railway bridge repairs, maintenance, and re-building. In addition to bridge work there will be an abundance of highway upgrades and new construction, as well as railway work.


And, for those who make their living inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and maintaining highway bridges, this will mean more work.


Which means the need for more under bridge platforms and access equipment. 


Different Size Bridges Need Different Under Bridge Access Equipment 


Few things are more frustrating for bridge inspectors than being unable to access key areas of a bridge’s substructure. When a firm has limited equipment options, this can translate into limited access which is detrimental to a properly conducted bridge inspection.


Not only are many highway bridges quite tall, like the Foresthill Bridge spanning the American River in California at 730 feet above the canyon floor, there are many that are quite wide, as well. For example, take the Creve Coeur Lake Bridge, a modern girder bridge over Creve Coeur Lake in Missouri. 


While not one of the tallest bridges, it is a half mile long and the deck is 172 feet wide. All of which simply means that having access to a large variety of under bridge platforms is essential to maintain efficient and cost-effective bridge inspection projects and other bridge-related work.


Which is why Under Bridge Platforms specializes in providing our clients with not only a large selection of aerial access equipment, but only offers the best equipment in the field.


Under Bridge Platforms is Your Premier Source for Bridge Inspection Access


The experts at Under Bridge Platforms are proud to serve all of the Western States, including California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and Wyoming, by providing the best selection of high quality under bridge access equipment.


Our large and expanding inventory of under bridge access platforms includes state-of-the-art self-drive access platforms such as the versatile Aspen Aerials A-30 Bridge Inspection Unit and the Truck-Mounted Hydra Platform HPT43.


There are a variety of different bridge inspection platform vehicles featuring multiple capabilities. In addition, determining the best choice for your work or project also depends on both the structure and the terrain.


So, while the cost of renting or buying under bridge access equipment is important, the dominant deciding factors in your equipment rental decision should be the vehicle’s capabilities and your specific project needs.


As a professional firm you can rely on us to guide you through the process of buying or renting the right under bridge inspection vehicle and equipment. No matter the size or type of project, the team at Under Bridge Platforms is here to help you make the proper selection.


We take a great deal of pride in being the only company in our industry based in California that offers total under bridge access. Because we believe in providing only quality customer service, we have managed to build long-lasting relationships with our esteemed customers.


And we intend to keep it that way.


Contact us today and let us help take care of all your under bridge platform needs.